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(Stupid) Question about Patch 3.0 "final"

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From the patchnotes:

"There is also a new quest line that allows you to defend your claim to Caed Nua (will be released in 3.0 final)"


Does that mean 3.0 is not yet really out and they are already preparing a "final" version with that said feature?


Additionally, I have difficulties finding the level cap with White March 1 and 2 installed, since the PoE-wiki is notoriously out of date:

Is the current level cap with both expansions installed 16?


Thanks and sorry for my dumb questions. :(



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Hey Valeris,


No such thing as a 'stupid question'. 3.0 is out. The Yenwood questline is ready to go no matter what version of the game you are playing (base, px1, or px2)


The level cap is 12 in the base game, 14 in px1, and 16 in px2.


I got your back


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