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[3.0] Cad Nua mob



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I have experienced something similar since receiving the quest "The Battle of Yenwood Field".


I got news that my stronghold would be attacked in some days and as I was 'at home', I decided to defend the stronghold manually. After I defeated the attackers, there was suddenly this mob in front of the stronghold with Marshal Forwyn in front of them talking about "The Battle of Yenwood Field". As I had not finished the quest by then, I chose the conversation options to start the battle which I won. 


When I returned to my stronghold though, the mob and Marshal Forwyn were still there outside the stronghold and I still got the conversation option to start the battle. Out of curiosity I chose that option and again got the texts for "The Battle of Yenwood Field" though there were no more enemies on the battlefield after clicking through the texts.


I used a save with which I lost several ingame days of play time (and thus, the quest was no longer completed) and when I received the message again that my stronghold would be attacked, I chose the "defeat automatically" option. After successfully defending my stronghold this way, there was no mob and Marshal standing in front of the stronghold. The next time, I received news of incoming invaders, I had the same results: Defeating the enemies manually resulted in a mob standing in front of my stronghold whereas defeating the enemies automatically did not affect "The Battle of Yenwood Field" quest in any way. BTW I have not completed the quest by now.

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I had this written up in its own thread, and then a bit of Deja Vu hit me and I searched the forums.  I guess I previously read about it.  Anyhow...


I already completed The Battle of Yenwood Field (see screenshot) a while back, but Lord Gathbin seems to be alive once again after I manually resolved the Cutthroat bandit issue at the Stronghold.  At least, that's what Marshal Forwyn seems to be telling me by reminding me about the army I need to deal with soon.  Also, there's a reappearance of the angry mob of farmers/merchants which Lord Gathbin seems to have recreated after I paid them off quite handsomely for their trouble some time ago.  However, I can't talk to the mob.


Here's the saved game before I began the fight with the bandits:




If you manually resolve the bandit battle using this saved game, you'll see the crowd and marshal afterwards.  I've done it twice and it happened both times.


I also see you asked for a saved game before The Battle of Yenwood Field, so here you go:




Hopefully my saved game hoarding has finally come in handy.  (Minor rant:  I do wish the saved games list loaded faster, though.  I have to move older files out of the game's directory so it doesn't take 3 minutes to bring the menu up.  This is on a Samsung 850 EVO SSD, to boot.)


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