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  1. I have experienced something similar since receiving the quest "The Battle of Yenwood Field". I got news that my stronghold would be attacked in some days and as I was 'at home', I decided to defend the stronghold manually. After I defeated the attackers, there was suddenly this mob in front of the stronghold with Marshal Forwyn in front of them talking about "The Battle of Yenwood Field". As I had not finished the quest by then, I chose the conversation options to start the battle which I won. When I returned to my stronghold though, the mob and Marshal Forwyn were still there outsid
  2. I have the latest steam version with Whitemarch I+II installed and I have the same problem. The ogre and his bears were friendly and he talked about an understanding we both have had although we had never talked to each other! The journal entry said "Now that I have dealt with the ogre, I can return to Dyrford and farmer Rumbald". When I talked to him though I had no option to end the quest. It is rather odd that the journal entry on the one hand mentions that Tyrgil told me about the location of the ogre cave - which he did as I talked to him about the ogre - and on the other hand the que
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