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Supply and Demand can't complete (Ondra Gift - Cant loot)



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This has happened several times since installing PoE March 2 -- I am unable to pick up items on the ground.  I can still move, menus, etc -- but cannot pick up anything.  Before could exit program and reenter -- that fixed it.  In attached file that does not work.


Attached file also shows that this inability to pick up is a quest blocker.  (Chest on right is a quest target.)

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The task "All Hands on Deck" in Ondra's Gift (Defiance Bay) is currently bugged on my latest playthrough (I have WM 1 + 2 installed but started the campaign before WM 2 came out) - even after reloading.


Everything seems to go as planned until after I've defeated the thugs.


The problem is thus:


I can neither loot their corpses, nor can I take or open the chest (that is physically standing around in the game world a few meters from the thugs) - in fact, I can't interact with the corpses or the chest at all.


The quest description updated and says something like "I should take the chest, now that I've dispatched the thugs."


This bug is reproducable (when reloading) in its entirety on this character (aka I reloaded a save file before even talking to the quest giver at all).

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Hey everyone,


Just doing some forums clean up. I merged a lot of the same issues together as there were to many posts on the same issue. Please make sure you search the forums before posting. It helps make my job a little bit easier.


To review on the issue, there was a bug where you could not loot things at night in Ondra's Gift. We have fixed the problem and it will be in the next coming patch!


Thanks a bunch!

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