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Starting Part II and Patch 3.0

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I have a game right before the point of no return, having completed all content in WM Act 1 (character is wizard). From what I hear, Patch 3.0 greatly expands the stronghold experience, and wizard mechanics have been changed.


Accordingly, should I continue with my current game and do the WM Act 2 content? will I still be able to experience the new stronghold content in a game this late?


Or should I just start a new game with a new wizard for the ideal experience?

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IMO there is no need to start from the beginning for the stronghold content. The biggest addition is a quest related to the stronghold. In case it doesn´t begin for you automatically you can trigger it to begin manually using these instructions:

The quest is quite short and the battles are not hard, but it´s fun.

In addition, stronghold quests have now been changed to give you unique artifacts; prestigious visitors also have some dialogue which require choices from you. There appears to be quite a lot of these quests, so you won´t be able to experience all of them without starting a new game. But you will be able to experience quite a few of them already while completing WM pt II, and I personally would not think a restart would be worth it just for these. As for the artifacts, the best quests only come after your stronghold already has a lot of prestige, so here too I think there is no need to start the game over.

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