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Hey guys, I thought i'd tell you about my new party based around Guardians of the Galaxy, and see if I can get any suggestions for improvement, skills, or weapon suggestions etc.


Starlord - Ranged Pistol Wielding Human Chanter  (support)

Rocket - Ranged Arquebus wielding Orlan Ranger (wolf pet named Cosmo) (dps)

Groot - Nature Godlike Unarmed Monk  (tank)

Drax - Dual Dagger Wielding Aumaua Barbarian (dps)

Gamora - Pale Elf Single Sword wielding Rogue (dps)

Since there are only 5, I'm looking for suggestions on a 6th character.   Thor?

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The movie GtG was based on the 2008 version of the team, that team included a few characters who didn't make it into the movie but most of them duplicate what you have here (Mantis would make a second monk, Bug a second rogue, etc).


You could probably make Adam Warlock to a Wizard class, Moondragon would be a definitive cipher and Phyla-Vell as Martyr would make for a Bleak Walker Paladin.


If you're not already familiar with the characters:





Personally I'd pick Moondragon; besides having a soft-spot for the character she's Drax's daughter in the comic continuity so connects to one of the other team members.

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