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StarWarsKnightsOfTheOldRepublic3 Kickstarter? KOTOR3Update in KOTOR2

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Good day Obsidian Entertainment

as it would be if they KnightsOfTheOldRepublic 3 in Kickstarter lists or whether they buy up the game from EA 1 possibility

Option 2 Make it a KOTOR2 update shall be the KOTOR3 or all what was planned in kotor3 insert in Kotor2

3.möglichkeit make Kickstarter for KOTOR3 to then buy the game from EA that is the only possibility I would hope in them see if they will not disappoint us they do it on Kickstarter campaign !!


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While not technically impossible, a KotOR 3 Kickstarter by Obsidian or purchasing the rights to it, would be incredibly improbable. 

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