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I think the main secret to PotD is understanding how to use debuffs and CC effectively. If you feel like you're having to wear plate on everyone to survive you're probably making other mistakes that are leading to your back-line getting swarmed all the time.

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Damage reduction isn't even close to being as good as having high defense.

Or if the suishy is a cipher you can jsut cast Echo if aggroed. :p

Same goes for wizard using Veil + Parasitic staff, Druid going spiritshift, Rogue or priest going invisible and so forth.

But as Hieronymus said if your base strategy for CC and debuffs is good you will rarely get to the point where a squishy is in trouble.

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I like plates with certain setups - but I certainly don't feel the need to put all my chars in it. As Raven said deflection is way better to prevent being swarmed. That's why my ranged chars most of the time have a shield setup in their 2. slot in the early game. It nont only prevents swarming if you wear this at the beginning of a fight but also helps to survive long enough in order to shrug the buggers off.

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A paladin with zealous aura and Herald shield basically add +3DR, +5 all defenses and hit to graze party Wide. It helps a lot.


Also the most dangerous ennemies in act 1 are ghosts and shades that do cold damage (well, and Raedric party but you may come back later). Therefore, pale elf race is extremely convenient for this act.


Heavy armor on casters may be a good choice too early on. After all, you have a limited number of spells at this time. You're going to be more limited by this than by action speed.

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