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Hey, I have some newbie questions I can't find answers to:

  • Do Weapon and Shield Style and One-Handed Style talents stack?
  • How do you que spells? I tried to use shift, but it doesn't seem to work and my characters simply continue with auto-attacks.
  • Is Durance's Healing A.I. broken? He doesn't heal himself even if he's very low on hp, nor anyone else.
  • When casting damaging spells, what accuracy is taken into consideration, that of your Primary weapon?
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1. One-Handed Style works even with a shield (and weapon and shield style), yes.


2. As far as I know you can't.


3. No idea, haven't used it.


4. Weapon accuracy is not used for spells, spells have their own accuracy which is your base accuracy + your level + bonus depending on the spell (listed in the spell description), but accuracy penalty from medium and large shields does affect spellcasting.

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concerning 2.: You can indeed chain commands with shift - and I also think it works with spells. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that you only have to use shift when you apply the spell on the battlefield, not while choosing your spell. It's like [pause]->[choose spell]->[click on battlefield to apply it]->[choose another spell]->[shift+click on the battlefield to apply it] and so on. It works for me - at least for special attacks and stuff. And I also remember (I hope correctly) that I could chain buffs with my spellsword wizard at the beginning of a fight.


4.: limaxophobiacq is absolutley right (shame on you for that complicated name! ;)) Let me add that you can see the accuracy (I call it ACC) that is used for each spell if you hover your mouse over the spell icon. It also says which defense it will have to overcome. You can tell by the little symbols: shield=deflection, strongman=fortitude, winged boots=reflex and brains=will. If you hover over the enemy on the battlefield it will give you infos about his defenses (if that enemy isn't completely new to you. In that case you will see a lot of "?"). If you compare the ACC of the spell and the defense of the enemy you get a pretty good idea how your chances are. Also have a look here: Attack Resolution

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks Boeroer and weird-cat-person. Helped a lot!


I have one more question:


When is the Marksman talent (+5 ACC against distant enemies) active? Is it all the time as long as you shoot without being engaged, or does it have some other hidden requirements?

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