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A few questions: quests and chanters

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How do you solve companions' quests that require you to travel with your comrade, like Durian (the fire priest as I remember)? Do you have to keep them in your team for particular amount of time, let's say 3 hours straight, or it's about taking them to some special places to trigger next part of their quest? Eg. I skipped Durian during my playthrough as I had put him into Stronghold. Is there any way to complete his quest now, before the game ends? Do I have to travel from one random location to another, hoping that one day he starts another conversation with me or it's simply impossible to complete his quest as he wasn't with me when important things were happening around me?


I'm thinking about going for mass chanters. Since their buffs don't stack I wonder if there are any reasons to play with more than 2 of them? You know, you can go for mass rangers and slaughter everyone with your pets. Can you do the same with chanters? I know I can go for 6 of them and spam skeletons or spectres or ogres but... This means half of the sung chants will be useless as they don't stack. Am I right?

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Durance is triggered by time with party, not with special locations. I'm not sure if the time is measured in real playing time or indices like travel. 


Most companions don't need to be with you at a particular moment, though there are caveats: e.g. you need to get on with Aloth's quest before end of Chapter 2. 

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This is the entire issue that I have with the Chris Avellone characters, unlike the other companions that you can leave back at the inn if you want without losing anything, Avellone's require you to keep the companion in your party to finish their quest.


Anyway, rant over. The trigger for Durance, the priest, is resting X-number of times with him in your party. I believe you can't remove him from your party or it auto resets the rest counter, and you can't rest repeatedly in the same spot over and over again and trigger the next part of the quest.

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