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I still prefer the Blunderbuss or other guns. It really depends on how you prefer to generate focus. Guns (And Arbalests) are very accuracy dependent (Missing or grazing is costly) but can generate Focus in huge bursts. Bows don't generate nearly as much Focus but is less dependent on accuracy and doesn't have the large reloading delay, making them easier to use to an extent.


Just pick whichever you prefer. Alternatively you can run a melee Cipher instead. I have less experience with melee Ciphers than ranged, so I cannot comment there =/

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At the moment ciphers are painfully nerfed in the beta patch and I'm not sure I'd recommend playing them generally.


That said if you do play a cipher Blunderbi are definitely the best weapon before level 13 (and maybe after that, depending). I think the recommended talent choice order now is probably greater focus, draining whip, ruffian weapon group, penetrating shot, biting whip. the value in the heavy alpha strike with Leadspitter still outweighs the downsides.


At very high levels there may be some benefit of respecializing into bows with time parasite but I'm not at that level yet so I can't say.

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