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3.0 Beta changes (Unfortunately I do not have PoE on Steam)

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Hello, I just wanted to ask about these apparent reductions in combat going on in the beta 3.0 patch?


According to Update #105:


* Does the combat in the last third of the main game (from Elmshore on) feel better? Specifically, have we removed enough battles that feel like trash mobs or filler? Have we improved the fights there so they are a) challenging and b) more interesting?
* The same question, but on levels 7, 8, and 11 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.


Well, Pillars is well set on the path of not giving experience for battles (not my preference, but apparently some people like that?), but unfortunately Soulbound weapons were also added in. So any removal of combat hampers the game severely in my opinion.  Some of these Soulbound weapons(not the Grey Sleeper, which is very well done) require quite a few kills by ONLY the character wielding that soulbound weapon. 25 or 50 kills per level up, removing any battles is going to make those upgrades simply out of reach.  The staff comes to mind as the worst offender, and there was a bug for awhile that wouldn't even count the kills it did get.


Sure, once you have played through the entire game, then you know that you basically have to 'save' packs of enemies to level up Soulbound weapons, but the first playthrough can basically be ruined, especially if you go to the expansion late in the game.


That said, I do enjoy the concept of the Soulbound weapons, they are a nice alternative to just Crafting up unique weapons, and they require some combat strategies to level up quickly.  Only problem is the sheer number of kills required on some of them.  I assume we will see more in Part 2 of White March, exacerbating the problem of not enough enemies left alive in the world, late game.


* The value/feeling of Athletics and Survival, both on their own and relative to other skills. Do any of the Survival bonuses feel way out of line with the other bonuses?
* How do Knockout Injuries feel? Are they too punishing? Not punishing enough? Do any injuries feel way out of line with other injuries?


Athletics and Survival are both a bit boring, but currently marginally useful. I'm looking forward to potential changes, but can't try them out until this all gets released on Gog.com :(   Just please don't remove the combat fatigue bonus from Athletics, I find that to be pretty useful for more fragile characters.


Knockout injuries seem like overkill(again, without being able to see the beta implementation) since we already have Knockdown, Stun, Paralyze, etc.

Either the injury prevents play, and you have to go rest, or it's meaningless and you ignore it. Neither one seems worth the time.  If it breaks the character permanently, I vote against it, as it'll just make people reload 10 times to avoid getting the injury.


Thanks, I'm really enjoying the current 2.3x or whatever it is patch, this game has come a long way from the original release. 


I'm really looking forward to the Stronghold additions, hopefully it's all relatively bug free by February 16th! :)


Somebody, somewhere, allow Crafting buffs on Hats!  The best hats in the game have no stats, while the best stat-wise helms look like crap.


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With or without craftable headgear there should come the time to rethink godlike abilities and stats.

Somewhere early there was talk about Godlike being balanced by lack of hats, and having OP class abilities. But it was not severe limitacion since headgear is mostly cosmetic. But...

- godlike abilities are not that godlike

- there is pleanty of good hats and haing +2 to something secondary as perception or resolve is generally good.

- some of human races abilities (Wood Elf) are by far better for wide range of builds


So that is something to consider.

Maybe in future release Godlike stats should be mix of base race and +1 for deity based stat. So they will start the game with +19 stats.

That would be kind of OP we deserve.

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Ok, apparently I wasn't the only one a bit concerned about the hat situation... either one of you guys have the beta on steam?  What battles / how many battles got removed?


I assume at some point we'll get a hat crafting mod, although it may take awhile.

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