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Does anyone know if the heroes from this update all have a known class? I'm guessing that there's at least two of every class, as there are 11 classes and 24 heroes.
Here's what I have so far:

  • Aloth - Wizard
  • Devil of Caroc - Rogue
  • Durance - Priest
  • Grieving Mother - Cipher
  • Hiravias - Druid
  • Kana Rua - Chanter
  • Edér - Figter
  • Sagani - Ranger
  • Zahua - Monk
  • Pallegina - Paladin
  • Mystery hero - Unknown (probably Meneha, a barbarian)
  • Mafis - Unknown
  • Marceno - Ranger
  • Ystala - Cipher
  • Zacmar - Unknown
  • Laudira - Unknown
  • Enfws - Unknown
  • Dehengen - Unknown
  • Mordus - Unknown
  • Lenk - Unknown
  • Verzano - Unknown
  • Ŵula - Unknown
  • Leyska - Unknown
  • Yngfey - Unknown
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I only know that classes doesn't matter in this card game because that will add more complex for people that don't know about D&D style games. I already tested my PoE card game with my wife and she understood very clear the rules when I put her on solo mode for 4 turns before we play against each other. She really enjoy this game due to is simple but at the same time contains lots of tactics and combos player can do during their turn which make a solid game and enjoyable game for anyone.


Well done Osidian Team!  :yes:

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