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I'm fairly new to the game and looking for some advice on building a dwarf barbarian dual axe wielding damage dealer...


1, not sure about stats?  High might?


2, Dual axes viable? or is a 2 hander more useful?


3, Armour? I understand about attack speed and armour weight, so maybe go with medium/light armour?


4, As a crazed barbarian damage dealer, what abilities would best compliment this?


All advice appreciated.. - I just don't want to build a barbarian and realise 40 hours in that i'm too weak/optimised through poor stat/abilities that I am a detriment to my party.

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Fortunately the game allows for easy re-spec so you can always change around. Lots of different weapon choices are viable but it kinda depends on what part of the game you're talking about and, more importantly, what difficulty mode -- a lot changes on PotD.


A few good options are here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844

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1. Not really. Might is good but intel is #1 for barb. I'd say high per is extremely important and dex surely can't be forgotten(welcome to the tough part of barbs)


2.Axes don't get a ton of love but there are like 4 really nice ones available. Albeit later in the game. We Toki for knockdown on crti is very good. (Soldier also offers some great options for a barb if your not dead set on axes)


3. Battles Axes + light armor on a barb sounds like a lot of deaths to me personally. Look for other ways to increase your attack speed. Dual wielding offers faster attacks and there are plenty of gear choices to be made to increase attacks as well. Tall Grass pike with light armor would work good though. With axes I would probably run with plate armor and then get Shod-in-Faith boots. Your gonna get crit with a barb's deflection so the heal will rock.


4. Haven't played a barb a lot recently but from what I remember very few of their class abilities are very necessary. Accurate carnage is a key ability. Savage Defiance is amazing for staying alive. For general talents I think that Vulnerable attack is very key for a barb(especially if you dual wield). Carnage attacks deal less dmg than a full hit so high DR enemies can wipe out your dmg.

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1. If you want to go for pure DPS then might (for damage) + dexerity (for attack speed) + perception (for accuracy) is the most important. However, if you want him to be a little more durable, you can also add in more resolve and constitution. I don't think intelligence is a big deal for a fighter type, but it depends on what abilities you use.


2. Both those options are very viable. I personally prefer two handers since they have a bit more punch for getting through armour.


3. Like the stats, its a balance of att. vs. def. A pure DPS will go as light as possible. But if you want more durable, just move up the armour chain.


4. ... can't remember so well but... at the end of the day, the barb's specialty is dealing with groups of enemies (not 1.vs.1 duels) I personally would pick any abilities that complement his group damaging abilities.

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What always works and is good fun with low micro: 


High MIG, high INT, good CON, good PER, ok DEX, low RES. Put on Shod-in-Faith (the high MIG and INT are also great for anybody who stands near you), get Sanguine Plate (you don't need Frenzy as an ability then), grab Tidefall. Don't run into battle as the main aggro guy, but don't wait too long either. Your deflection will be low and most of the time the enemies turn towards you and stick to you. You will be hard to kill because of high DR and constant healing (draining via carnage is huge, Consecrated ground also wotks when you're disabled) while doing good damage with Tidefall (+25% wounding in your huge carnage area). It a really nice mix of AoE damage and tankyness. Until you get Shod-in-Faith you want to stay behind sturdier guys and use a pike.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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