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Hello everybody!! New to these forums but not so much the game. I'm preparing for my first Path of the Damned expert playthrough and I would love some input on the build I am currently working on. Im pretty deadset on running a chanter, I have experimented a bit with an off-tank variation of it, which seemed very viable but it really just didn't fit my taste of what I would like to do. I have settled on making a ranged dps/support version instead.


I plan to be a hearth orlan, and Id love to use some guns. The stat build I'm currently looking at is 15/8/18/15/14/8 . I just was wondering if I could get some more experienced opinions on what Im looking to do and perhaps some advice for tweaks. My main concern is that my INT may be too low but Im just not sure where I could pull stats to raise it.

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If you want to use guns you don't really need that much DEX. Your reloading chant (Sure Handed Ila) and the talent "Gunner" will do more for your attack speed than 4 points of DEX. Leave it at 14 and put 4 more points into INT. Together with an overseeing item (gives you +10% AoE - Aloth's leather armor or a Ring of Overseeing) and The Voice of the Mountaintop (+20% - they stack) you can cover a huge area with your chants - and your invocations will also profit from that.

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To the OP: Not sure if you have WM, but if you do I'd be really tempted to hold off playing a chanter until it lands. There could be some changes to Chanters which could make quite a difference to them. Apparently they are adding a talent/ability which would speed up their chants. And if past history is anything to go by when the devs made changes to Rangers and Paladins they were really good. So I have high hopes for the chanter class. Not that it's bad at the moment, but it definitely could have some improvements.

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