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2.03 Hiravias spiritshift attacked Eder and himself?



I started a fight by having all my party members selected and clicked a beetle. After it died I let the AI auto attack the other beetles at first. After a few seconds I selected Hiravias and had him spiritshift. I let him auto attack though and I noticed he went and attacked Eder instead of a beetle. I selected hiravias and clicked a beetle and he attacked it. The log in the screenshot shows him attacking Eder.


Hiravias engaged Stone Beetle in Melee.

Hiravias misses Eder.


Hiravias grazes Eder for 3 Slash damage.


Thats when I noticed what was happening and clicked the beetle.


I dunno what would of caused the AI to engage the beetle and yet attack my own party.








I decided to check if it does it again. I reloaded the quicksave, attacked the beetle, waited for it to die, then selected hiravias and spiritshifted. He attacked himself.







The save is too big to attach but i made a backup if you want it at some point.




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You can use dropbox for your save; it is definitely the most important thing for QA.

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Hello Calcor,


Thanks for uploading that save. I was able to confirm you bug, it appears to only be affecting your save. I tried to replicate the issue on a different save and wasn't able to do so. I went ahead and written up a bug report and forwarded it to the appropriate department. 


Thank you for your support.


Edit: Actually got to reproduce this, it seems when you use spiritshape while his AI is queued for another action, he will attack himself. 

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