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I am not very good with these types of games, I have some questions...

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I am going to be playing on easy because I am not very good at these games, but still want to play it. How stressed out do I have to be with character builds? I am trying to figure out how to build a Fighter tank, and I look at all the attributes and all of them seem important for a tank as well. So I decided to not drop anything below 10.


This is what I am thinking I am going to have the fighter Tank as, and I plan on having 2 of them in my party. I have it set so I can choose companions stats when they join the group, so 2nd fighter to join I plan on doing the same build.


Mig: (10) -Figured extra damage is not important for a tank, and I get Fort from Con

Con: (14) Extra Health and Endurance seem very important, plus the increase in Fortitude

Dex: (10) I get Reflex from PER. Wasn't sure if I needed more action speed or not. Should I put points into this?

PER: (16) This felt very important, the ability to interupt, having tha accuracy to hit, and the reflex to move out of the way all seem very important

INT:(10) Already getting Will from RES. Increase AOE and duration didn't seem all that important. Is this something that I am fine with dropping below 10 and putting more points into RES or something else?

RES:(18) Has 2 of the 4 defense stats (Will and Deflection), plus concentration to help avoiding interupts. Seems highly important.


I figure if I am 2 tanks, and at least 1 healing class I should be ok through out the game. Does that sound right?


Any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Your stats seem OK, althought you may find it better have 10 PER, 8 INT and 14 MIG and DEX. Since there are no "taunts" in this game, you may find it better to build your fighter as a sturdy frontliner that deals good sustained damage. Your high base accuracy means hig PER is not needed, and interrupts are only worth it if you build your party to make the best use of them.


And don't worry too much about builds, tatics are what matter the most.


EDIT: And you can't choose your companion's starting attributes and skills unless they are custom adventurers younhired at an inn.

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PER isn't important for a tank since you won't even be trying to do damage.


That said, tank fighters are kind of boring, and tank-and-spank doesn't really work that well because the AI will go for your squishies first, and a lot of the maps are too open to hold a line.


You don't need to stress about builds much, or indeed at all if you're playing on Easy. Focus on tactics instead: figure out how the basic mechanics work and what you need to do to (a) stop enemies from harming you and (b) harming the enemies. Read the weapon, ability, and spell descriptions, and look stuff up in the cyclopedia. You will need to use your abilities, spells, and other stuff somewhat intelligently to win even on Easy, no matter how godly your build and party.

I have a project. It's a tabletop RPG. It's free. It's a work in progress. Find it here: www.brikoleur.com

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General notes:

- There are limited instances where Tanking is possible due to doorways or bridges. Elsewhere openspace and many monsters and always some of the will sneak arround tank.

- Fighters works better as "bruiser" Deal dmg but take some hits no problem. Have emergency shield in second slot.

- For tank purpose better is Paladin or Chanter. Most the 1st, since it has trait increasing defences, also provides auras and buffs for party. So even with little dmg it is useful.

- Any front fighter could have secondary set of weapon with shield (even better with bash enhancement) to switch if things et hot. On 3rd slot could have ranged heavy hitter (rifle, pistol, arbalest) for initial shot and then switch.




Rauatai Pirate Captain

Story: We are piratte on break, after ship being lost in card game. Now we are on the quest for money to buy another, or collect enouht Xuirp Spears to build one.

Important, always be drunk. We use dual sabers, but also have pistol and weapon and shield.

Role: DPS Fighter who dosnt give a !@#$


Class: Fighter

Race: Island Aumaua Deadfire Archipelao

Stats: Might 20 Con 10 Dex 15 Per 13 Int 10 Resolve 10

Skills: Atletics 3 Knowledge 8 Survival high (too keep us drunk)


1. Knock down

3. Disciplined Barrage

5. Weapon Spec Ruffian

7. Armored Grace

9. Confident Aim

11. Ubroken

13. Sundering Blow



2. Weapon Focus Ruffian

4. Two weapon Fghting

6. Weapon Mastery Ruffian

8. Vulnerable attack

10. Savage attack

12. Apprentice Sneak Attacks


Notes: You can swap Two Weapon Style to Two Handed Style, and Weapon Focus Ruffian (and others) to Weapon Focus Soldier.

It is decent build on Eder as well.


Another Build

More on tanky side. Get hit, support others.


Bacon of Hope

Race: Moon Godlike from nowhere (any origin)

Class: Paladin Darcozzi

Stats: Might 18 Con 10 Per 10 Dex 10 Int 15 Resolve 15

Skills: Atletic 3, High Knowledge and Survival


1. Lay of Hands

3. Zelous Focus

5. Liberating Exhortion

7. Reviving Exhortion

9. Coordinated Attacks

11. Healing Chain

13. Sacred Immolation


2. Weapon and Shield Style

4. Critical Focus

6. Inspiring LIberation

8. Deep Faith

10. Superior Deflection

12. Enigma Charms - charming enemy could be potencially disturbing to enemy.


Note: In second arms slot keep rifle or Estoc, and if nobody pas attencion switch to it to speed killing up.

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