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What's the point of posts like this? Were you really expecting an announcement on New Years Day? Early next year means just that. Sometime early in 2016. I'd consider anything before April 30th to be early 2016. After that it becomes mid 2016. Just be patient.


And seriously these thread bumps and new threads with statements like "I can't wait" or "Where's an update?" Are just silly. Most of us here are patiently waiting for news and since this forum is so slow, when we see a new thread or post we get excited and hope that it's real news. It's very frustrating to open up a new thread hoping for real news only to read a post like this.


Sorry, I don't mean to dump on you specifically but it would be nice if this forum had activity that was game related like news or questions or suggestions or speculation rather than just complaining about there being no news or reminding thr developers that their "deadlines" have passed.

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I can understand that, whoopdido.  It makes sense, but I also wonder why there isn't more give and take in from the devs.  I don't post here often because... well... no one posts here often.  If the forum seems abandoned by the devs, that's because it is in fact abandoned by them.  They should be grateful for us losers who bump old threads and keep posting new things in hopes of wheedling out information.  On the other hand, I can completely understand the frustration in thinking maybe there was some new information when you see a brand new thread only to find more kvetching about the lack of information you came here to find.


Personally, not that my opinion matters, but think vague hints and subtrefuge would be better than the complete dev blackout we're experiencing.  Then again, they're the experts and I'm just a chump who likes to play games.  For my part, I have a brand new Galaxy Tab S2 waiting for their product.  If they put it out this year, I'll be jumping for joy.  If they don't, I won't become a hater and boycott them or some other nonsense.  I'll still enjoy my tablet.  It's pretty cool with or without the Pathfinder game.  As a matter of fact, Pathfinder will just be one more thing that provides enjoyment on my tablet.


So, I get ya, but I still reserve the right to bitch every now and then.  I can only hope they don't ban me for complaining about how much I want to play the game they say they're going to release this year.

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The development of a game is one job, and I am pretty sure it is done with a high level of seriousness. But comu

munication is another job. And it is a disaster. Silence, vague announcements and multiple postponements do not sound professional. It does not create excitement but frustration. And here lies the problem. People waiting for this game are fans. And fans like news. They like being talked about the product they are waiting for. They dislike being ignored or left in ignorance. This is it: however good the dev job is done, if no one tells the fan how good it is, it is just like there is no progress towards an identified end i.e.a release date. This is just like a love affair. First you cannot wait for your first date. Then you discover it is postponed. You show patience and wait for another date. Then you get bored and... decide yourself there is no point to wait for such an uncourteous partner. And one day you even wonder why you waited so much for this date... Ofc, as it is only a game, you can still change your mind and give it a try the day it is released. Or not...

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I agree.  The lack of communication and updates has definitely been frustrating.  I honestly can't wait for this game.  I had never been into tabletop games like this, but my buddy convinced me to play Rise of the Runelords.  At first I scoffed at it and called him a nerd and the first time I played it I thought it was too complicated and stupid, but by the end of the second round I was hooked.  We started playing Rise of the Runelords I believe in July of 2014 and just finished Wrath of the Righteous the day after Christmas 2015, so basically we played pretty much once a week (with some breaks here and there) for a year and a half and finished all 3 tabletop sets, so obviously we all became addicted to this game.  We'll definitely play the next one (something about Egypt and mummies) when it's released, but I think I heard that it's been pushed back to maybe even 2017.


I think it was in August 2014 when the digital game was announced and it was originally slated for 1st quarter of 2015.  I was thrilled with that news because even though I had already come to love the tabletop game, the setup was taxing and it's always difficult to keep track of all the rules, so a digital version was right up my alley.  I quickly found this forum and have been checking it religiously since then.


I know that delays happen and I would much rather wait (even if it means waiting a year or more) for a proper, bug free game then try to play a game that was rushed and isn't ready, so I don't mind the delays.  It has been exceedingly frustrating that we've received little to know updates though.  Right on the main page of this forum there's a link to sign up for a newsletter.  I signed up and haven't received anything.  I didn't even get a confirmation that my signup was received.  That's irritating.  Next to nothing as far as press releases go.  Very few updates here and the updates that we do get are vague.  Little to nothing on Obsidian's Facebook page or main website.  Paizo has no information either as they've turned over everything to Obsidian.


It seems really odd to me that this game is seemingly not important to Obsidian.  I know they have Pillars of Eternity to worry about and their other big titles, but it seems like they have like 2 people working on this back in their storage closest or something.  If this wasn't an important title for them I wonder why they even bothered to buy the rights and develop the game.  If it is an important title in their eyes, then I'm very curious why they're not pushing it.  They're certainly not acting like they care about this title at all.


All that being said, I guess there's nothing we can do about it, so constantly asking for updates and badgering what few developers there seem to be is counter productive.  All we can hope for is that they hit their latest deadline, which, like I said before, would be any time before May 1st in my opinion.  I'll definitely be buying it the first day it's released, whenever that is, so at least they can bank on one sale.

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Keep in mind they can divulge things based on arrangements with the people who own the property. Obsidian might not be free to do much more. They have a lot of stuff to weigh. It would be nice to see more news, but that's life. We'll keep entertaining each other with intermittent bitching and hopefully they'll have an announcement or maybe even a game soon.

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I have no privileged information -- all of the following is just speculation. :)


I've been wildly excited for this game to come out for over a year. It's been painful to see the release date pushed back twice, and to have practically zero word from the developers all the while.


At the same time, I can't blame Obsidian for the silence. There are just a handful of us who are on the edge of our seats waiting for this game to come out; most of the rest of the world either doesn't know this game is coming or doesn't care. Posting updates is a marketing thing. Marketing costs money. In this case, marketing would bring joy to the die-hard fans who've been slavering for this game for months, but these fans are going to buy the game regardless. Would marketing bring in new fans? I doubt it. So we have a situation where there's something to be lost (money, time spent away from development) and nothing to be gained by releasing news.


If this game is to succeed, it will have to do so on its merits as a game, not on its marketing efforts. An app like this doesn't have mass appeal, so it relies on positive reviews and word of mouth. Thus, it makes sense for Obsidian to focus as much effort as possible on creating an excellent game, even if that means missing deadlines and angering a few militant fans (who, again, are going to buy this game regardless of what Obsidian does or doesn't do on the marketing front) with silence.


I don't think this game is unimportant to Obsidian. There are many indications that this is a labor of love, such as the expanded story, the tweaks to basic cards (e.g. different varieties of basic Chainmail), and the inclusion of new cards (Blacksmith's Son, as a humorous complement to the Shopkeeper's Daughter). The biggest indicator that this game matters to Obsidian, actually, is the very thing we're most annoyed about -- the release delays and the lack of updates. If they really didn't care, they could have shoved it out the door months ago, and they could have done plenty of marketing updates instead of spending their time polishing the game.


Back in June, I predicted that this game wouldn't see release until the second half of 2016, and I'm sticking to that prediction. If a few extra months of development make the difference between an amazing game that everyone raves about and a mediocre game that everyone quickly forgets about, it's obvious what Obsidian will choose. I'm pretty sure they're going to miss another deadline (or two) and really try to make this game perfect. If I'm playing it and making YouTube videos about it before New Year's 2017, I'll be happy.


And for what it's worth, I don't mind threads like this one, empty as they are, because I like to see that I'm not the only one who's raving with anticipation for this game to come out. I want this game to have fans and I want it to succeed, because I would LOVE to see S&S, WotR, and all of the adventure paths make it into the digital landscape at some point. As much as I yearn to gaze upon the Pathfinder ACG on my iPad, the thing I want most of all is for this franchise to be a blockbuster success.

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Okay, it's been long enough and so I'll irritate everyone by clamoring for more info. I think a bunch of us should join the Obsidian channel at theor Friday night game fest in order to complain at M. Dowring to wheeled more info. I will if you will!


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Once upon a time, one very wise man said, that Patience is a Virtue... He was very wise indeed...

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22) Dark Souls II - PS3 - 210+ hours

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26) Journey - PS3 - 22+ hours

27) Final Fantasy XV - PS4 - 263+ hours (including all DLCs)

28) Tales of Arise - PS4 - 111+ hours

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I'm sure she's quite important to someone. :D I mean, I don't know who she is, but she can be important to us too if she dishes dirt about the game.


Anyhow, I'm not really complaining. Mostly just engaging in age old dance between eager fans and cautious developers.


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