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Use of Spells in Grimoire

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You're welcome. Feel free to ask anything, any time.

Anyway, in case someone manages to google this topic:

mxsB8.jpgSpells on the left are spells that are *known* to you. Spells on the right are those you can actively use in combat by hovering over the appropriate spell level icon on the lower part of the screen while you have your mage selected. You can only ever actively use 4 spells of any level, however, your mage can have several grimoires equipped/in quick slots and switch between mid-battle. This takes precious time.


You can remove an active spell from the right part of the screen by left clicking it. When one or more of the 4 slots on the right are free, you can add new spells to your active spells by left clicking a known spell on the left part of the screen, it'll get added automatically. Note that each row of the active spells corresponds to a spell level - you can cycle between spell levels using arrows on the upper part of the spell book or by clicking the roman numeral next to active spells row.


When you loot a grimoire off a dead mage, you can open it via right clicking it and use the + icon to add these spells to your known spells pool. This'll cost you money, for reasons, but there is no limit to known spells, only to those actively used.

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