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Any way to switch to POTD difficulty mid-game?

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Hi all...


I posted a while back asking for feedback on the preferred difficulty level for a first (and probably only) playthru. After getting the consensus that Normal was a cakewalk I switched to Hard. This worked at first  with reasonable challenge, i.e. duc what's-his-name's stronghold, and the early parts of Caed Nua.


But still not all that far in the game AFAIK - exploring Defiance Bay, etc - and things have gotten ridiculously easy. Most encounters I can just slam through attacking without even queuing up spells or other special abilities. Maybe there are difficulty spikes later but at the moment there's basically zero tension or strategy in the battles, and I'm far from a dedicated min-maxer type.


Figured it was time to ramp up to POTD, only to find on the options screen you can't switch mid-game. Now that is a curious design decision!


Is there any way - edited save or "cheat" code or something - that you can force the switch?

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According to this list, the


cheat code should work even without the IE mod installed.


Of course, using cheats without the IE mod installed, disables Steam achievements.

That command isn't in the base game.  'difficulty PathOfTheDamned' should do it, though (with cheats enabled).

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Can't he save his game after using the command, restart the game and load the save game to restore Steam Achievement access? Or does it save the fact that you've used a cheat to your save file?

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