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No Party, No Items, No Skills...?



I just installed and started enjoying The White March Part 1, and was at "Cragholdt Bluffs". I had cleared most of the area, did a quicksave before entering the tower.


I entered the tower and spoke with the thrall as intended and went down the hall and unlocked a door, unfortunately this caused everything to become hostile and I decided I wanted to reload my quicksave and not get into any fights...


NOW for the problem. When I loaded the quicksave all of my companions, equipment, skills, everything was completely gone... I thought maybe it was a simple glitch and that I would have to simply reload the quicksave which shows my companions, etc in the load game menu.. this didn't solve the problem.


I restarted my game and my computer and each time the game loaded with my naked Primary Character all alone... 


In order to continue playing I had to load a saved file from 2-3 hours earlier which made for a massive loss of game play. :\ 

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This is a known bug with quick saving and loading across area transitions: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83312-known-issue-missing-items-and-companions/?do=findComment&comment=1754471


Will likely be fixed in January when patch 3.0 lands.

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What about your auto-savegame. Shouldn't there be an autosave right after you enter the tower? Or does this also get corrupted?

I thought of that myself, unfortunately since I entered the tower with this "Corrupted" state in affect, it overwrote the "good" autosave that was previously done too.


So both my quicksave I did manually and then the auto-save were the bad ones. :(

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