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PoE sometimes turns into the Benny Hill show

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Often unless I direct every single creature combat turns into something akin to the benny hill show with NPCs/PCs running aroung in circles around each other. Sometimes they change direction or others join in... sometimes enemeies start running in circles following my characters.It looks so stupid seeing paladins in armour carrying 2 handed swords running around an enemy tyring to find  somewhere to stand next to him... the swords have extra reach, if I direct them I can get them to attack over thr heads of others without all the running around.



It gets even worse when they all decide to change direction in the middle of their circle running.

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I thought this was going to be something different. In my latest playthrough I beat the Adra dragon in a Benny Hill esque style when all my party apart from Sagani were knocked out and I discovered that Sagani could run circles around the dragon and occasionally fire a single arrow that would usually graze the dragon for between 3 and 5 damage. After about ten minutes of this the dragon finally died.

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