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I created the Waidwen's Legacy page on the wiki. Please fact-check and add to it

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The furthest I have gotten in the campaign is Never Far from the Queen, and I did that so I could try to start the White March and recruit the companions, but the fighting was too tough. But I've tried to piece together information from what I know and what's already on the wiki.


I couldn't believe we did not yet have this page. It was even red-linked elsewhere.


I am certain the campaign reveals a great deal more about it, but the wiki doesn't seem to have a way to conceal spoilers the way others do, and that information can be found in the quest pages themselves, I imagine. I tried to phrase things in a way that it is still true after the player uncovers the truth. "Many believe," "no known cure," etc.




Thanks for your help and corrections. ;) I just knew this thing had to be started.


Oh, and so you can discuss it and I won't be spoiled...




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And the curse didn't plague the world (Eora I mean). Only Dyrwood.

Fixed that, plus the bit about hollowborn commonly dying (they don't, however they're commonly killed or abandoned to die by their parents).


 one of lore book said about Hollowborn dying shortly after their birth naturally if they weren't 'cured' by animancy.

I think they were commonly killed or abandoned after wicht affairs as in the book.

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