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Equipped items disappearing after loading saves



Some of my equipped weapons, armor, and accessories disappear when loading a saved game.


I recently reconfigured my late-game party by replacing all of the premade characters I was using to an all-custom party.  After removing all of the equipment from the prior party, all of the items are present in my inventory.  However, after equipping my new party, saving, and then loading a game, many of the equipped items simply disappear from the characters and are no longer in existence (they are not in the stash).


This behavior only occurs on the loading of the savegame.  When I equip the party and play, all of the items still exist.  I can even save the game multiple times and receive a successful save message with no apparent incident.  It's only when I load these games - any of the saves - that the items disappear from the characters who equipped them.  If I save and load the game before equipping all of the new characters, the items still exist in my stash.


I've included two savegames in this dropbox directory, one before save when all of the items are still in the stash but the new characters are in the party, and one after save when the equipped items disappear on loading.  Also attached is a diagnostic file.




Any help is greatly appreciated, as I can no longer play the game when I lose unique items upon loading.


Also, I'm not sure if it's related but my Gauntlets of Swift Action have an error *314* when I hover over them.


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Thanks - the symptoms sound similar, and I'm pretty sure I did try quicksaving sometime before leaving an area at some point.   Still, I wonder if it's another issue since it persists even after creating a whole new party and equipping it once again.

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I have a similar problem but with the pre-generated characters.


It's just started since I started exploring the White March.

In my case it's Bittercut and sometime the offhand shield that disappears, Bittercut is the first WM unique I have equipped (by Kana).


I have not used quick saves.



I've tried using newly created saves, Bittercut has stuck around but now a fine arquebus has disappeared from one of Pellegina's slots after transition from Stalwart to the Russetwood.

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Thank you for the reply, I had found that advice in another thread and verified the cache (no reported errors) between originally posting to this thread and then my edit about the disappearing arquebus.


Since then I have not had any problems with items vanishing on area transition or reload (fingers crossed).


This is not a problem that I had seen before travelling to the White March (120+ hours pre v2).

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