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Just thought I provide a screenshot on what I thought was interesting. This is a Heart of Fury activation on the Gleaming Society Bounty with the original HoF hitting (just) 4 enemies. The barb is non-minmaxed and isn't a dps build. She is more of an area CCer wielding We Toki and Wodewys . The enemies has about 9-17 DR so there is significant reduction in dmg dealt. The potential for dmg is not bad for a barb.


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Heart of Fury hits every enemy in range with a Full Attack - each of these attacks also trigger carnage. If you hit 4 enemies with the full attack (=2 hits for each enemy if you are dual wielding) its 4(enemies)*4(times carnage)*2 = 32 hits total (if I'm not mistaken). There's a reason it's only 1/rest. :) 


Best combo for this is Vuln. Attack + Ryona's Vambraces + Death's Usher + Bloody Slaughter and then trigger HoF when all the the mobs around you are badly injured.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yeah Boeroer, I also know how it works. In fact, I gave the same explanation on how HoF works some time ago already.




The point of the screenshot is just to put what the skill does into context and to show the potential for its dmg. I always have been interested in looking at some combat logs on how the skill performs but I never really found any. So I might as well do it myself  :yes:

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