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Unique Custom Recruit

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Would it make more sense and more dynamic if the three faction offer recruit with interesting talent?


For example, The dozen recruit got mob justice talent, Crucible Knight got +1 armor..etc

and of course its random so player might consider checking back every now and then, during main quest line progression.


Furthermore, under Expert mode, there should be an option toggle where it allows reset companion stat, that way we don't have to depend on pre-build stat and use custom recruit and miss out the story-line.

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I would actually love if you could create a companion and assign a simple personality to him. Don't make it overly complex, just make him comment on some situations and interrupt some dialogues. That's something I wanted to see ever since Icewind Dale.


... Well that was almost on topic!

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if anyone has played Wizardry 8 i think that is the best custom NPC + personality template ever made in a cRPG.


You know, this game was on my radar forever but I never got around to playing it. Reading your post reminded me that it's not too late; I plan to download it from Steam today!

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