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Companions disappeared from Party Management





Last evening I was playing to PoE. I was exploring the Endless Paths of Od Nua. I finished exploring Level 13, so I went back to Level 12 to return the items needed to finish the related quest. When I returned the items, a new adventure started in the Stronghold. I clicked to select a companion to assign to it, but all of them disappeared from the party management window. The game says: “No companions at the stronghold”. There is a way to correct this bug or my save file is corrupted and my game gone? To check what happened to my companions I went back to the Stronghold main room and so the game overwritten all the other previous saved games…



The dropbox link to the requested files:


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Hello Cipolla,


Welcome to the forums! I apologize for the delay. I will submit your files to our database and hopefully we can see what the issue is. However, because you do not have a save right before this issue has occurred, there is little we can do to reproduce the issue or see what when wrong.


Please verify your game cache in steam. It most likely will not fix your save but it may prevent it from happening in the future. 


I apologize for your inconvenience and thank you for your support. 

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