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2.03 patch bugged out map-length disengagement atks from non-hostile villagers video recorded




this is not a new "bug", this happened in beta builds when the threat zone for engagement was bigger. they made it bigger again now in 2.03 and i just was party to the gilded vale villagers randomly starting to turn on me and produce a disengagement attack on my party whenever i walked past a villager.

it was quite funny.

i started running away from them, and towards map exit and that was when i started receiving the disengagement attacks, from the VILLAGERS remember, the VILLAGERS, from half the length of the town away!!! in addition my party members also "engaged" the villagers and "disengagement attacked" them just as equally whenver my units ran past a villager NPC.

i'm going to record a video today, as soon as i am able.

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bump for visibility

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Hello aweigh0101,


At any point, did you attack a villager, quest giver, or a backer npc? Your video is very disorientating which makes its difficult to see what exactly is going on. There are many useful programs out there where you can record gameplay from your computer. I would suggest using FRAPS or OBS.



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