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how do you patch to 2.03 on gog (mac)?



where on earth is the patch file on the mac side of gog? i vaguely recall past patches being a total clusterf*** in terms of what needed to be downloaded and in what order, but now i'm not even seeing the patch file on the gog page, all i'm seeing is the main game file, which says it's version 2.03. same with the white march stuff.


is there no way to update the game other than to uninstall it and re-install the new file with the patch? seriously? is there nowhere from which i can JUST download the 2.03 patch? do both the main game and dlc have to be delted/re-installed? wtf is going on? is the file just not up on the store?

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Hello deveroth,


Welcome to the forums! It appears you will have to uninstall your game and download and install the 2.03 version of the game. There does not appear to be a patch for the Mac Client. As PrimeJunta has suggested. Using GoG Galaxy will cancel out all the confusions of patch downloading and it will update the game for your automatically.


We will follow up with GOG and see if they are missing something on their end. 


Thank you for your support.  

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thanks Obsidian! you guys handled that better than i could have possibly imagined. i DID followup with galaxy so i got my patch a few days ago, but i now see its available for separate download from gog. you guys are awesome! keep up the amazing work!


(now, can we get some cloaks or what?)

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