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Thaos flame spell and Lich minion overpowered



As in title, those too are just too powerfull.

Thaos make blue fire spell, this one crom cleric spells, when it hit, it kill char in over 3 sec. I play several times this battle on hard mode and potd. Once i make barbiarian with around 460 endurance, and he gain around 600 from this fire (sorry, do not have screen from that). The fight is still winable, but this thing is little annoing.

Concelhaut minion hammer spell is also little bit supreme. It can 1 shot adra dragon even on potd. When i fight Thaos it also kill him in one shot.


I hope you guys will fix this, beacouse it is draining the fun from the game.


(sorry for my english)

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Hi mukurome,


what game version are you on? 2.02 or 2.03 beta?

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Hello mukurome,


Thoas is suppose to be a difficult fight in general since he is the last boss of the game.


We are aware of the Visage of Concelhaut's summon spells being extremely powerful and we are working on a fix.


Thank you for your support. 

Yes, this fight is realy cool, but the spell that one hit everything that he can cast multiple times could be fix, because it limited tactics to fight with him. That's my opinion.


I'm playing v 2.2, already read about bug fixes from 2.3 and i just thought those two can be fixed.


Anyway Thank You guys for this game, it's the best game i have played since childhood.


Cheers for everyone

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