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Pillars party AI problem

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There is one problem I can't solve while managing the new AI. There is no option for "holding the line" and I hate when my frontliners hurry into a chill fog or a wall of flame.


Let's see.

- Passive: It's like no AI. I suggest to modify passive just to attack anything at range without moving. This will be so valuable.

- Autodefense: The main problem is that your chars will break the line as soon as an enemy dies.

- Aggresive & Defensive : Useful for junk encounters but having a organized front line is generally better to put AOE non-friendly spells.


I think that other solution should be adding a button to the central panel. "Hold". Just to avoid disgusting party movement. In this game positioning is 90% of the combat and having no way to manage it automatically hurts.


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I tend to leave the AI off 98% of the time, as my companions rarely do what I want them to.  Also, I'm a micro-manager, and like to direct each member of my party.  But I know what you're saying about "holding the line".  Even with the AI off, characters tend to charge off into AOE affects.  There have been some battles that I have done more damage to my party than the enemy did.  Holding the Line was one of my biggest tactics back in BG1 & 2, especially in dungeons guarding a doorway or narrow passage.  That tactic works most of the time in POE with the AI off (or at least I find that it does), but it doesn't seem to be consistent.

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