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Just thought I'd share my new build. I was trying to do some roleplaying and the character that resulted has been pretty awesome so far.

So nerd stuff first. Backstory. Cole Soulreaver is a member of the mercenary band known as "The Deadmen". He was that captian of the company of the "Pitted Shield" a title that bespoke of the company's perchant for using tower shields to soak up the damage of spell traps laid during campaigns. Now Meadow folk he may be,it was the mountains that raised him. In the mountains, a cipher is not looked kindly upon. So he did his best to keep his abilities a secret. When he joined the Deadmen, an Orlan cipher saw him for what he was and trained him. After many years abd many successful campaigns, Cole eventually grew tired of seeing men die for gold, and decided to take the offer from Roderick that he'd heard so much about...




Character stats built so far.

Might 16

Con 10

Dex 10

Per 18

Int 14

Res 10


Right now is level 6. Talents thus far have been. Weapon and shield, peasants specialization, and biting whip. Also have the Crucible knights talent. Debating on either interrupting blows or bloody mess for the deathblows. Interupt is already rediculous for this build.


Gear is tower shield, Rizzeri's Thorn (spear) Scale armor (eder's) the boots of stability, gloves of rage, helm of pilgrims visage, amulet of resolve, rings of protection and deflection.


The rundown

This character is a much tougher cipher. Rear guard for your casters. Yet can stand on his own for awhile if using his powers. Very unlikely to get oneshoted. The spear does additional crush damage, which helps in regards to damage. His deflection and accuracy are his bread an butter though. Deflection is in the 50s right now, and accuracy is 59. He rarely misses. Right now, hes showing the highest damage output in the party, though druid is starting to hit her stride. Coupled with a dps paladin, and a tanking chanter. Hes a force of nature. Mind blast for knockdown, that crushing beam is rediculous. Fight your way along the flank, then latch it on to your caster and everything dies.


Been tons of fun!

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Sounds cool and I'm glad you're having fun. Two things I'd like to point out:


1) Are you aware that medium/large shields have an accuracy penalty that applies to everything (including spell/powers and melee)?


2) If you are going melee with shield, you might want to consider Sura's Supper Plate, a small shield, for reason #1, and for the Retaliation effect. Since it's a shield, and weapons/shields are considered a separate source type which stacks with your other gear, you can combine this with another Retaliation item, such as Hiro's Mantle (rare) or Coat of Ill Payment (from a bounty).

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