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How Much XP Does WM Give?

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Here's a question for the people who started WM1 at lv12 right before they jumped into the pit: do you get enough XP to reach the lvl 14 XP cap?


I'm keeping a similar save myself for WM2. There's virtually nothing left to do in the main game and WM1. And I wonder if WM2 will have enough content for me to level from lvl 14 to lvl 16.


I did WM1 mid-game. It didn't feel exceptionally long. I believe you needed around 25,000 exp points to level from lvl 12 (66,000) to lvl 14 (91,000). I'm pretty sure there weren't enough content in WM1 to earn 25,000XP, excluding Concelhaut's castle.


I would rather not have to redo any of the main game or WM1 quests to reach the cap.

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