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DoT weapon "effecterror" combat log



Maybe no big problem but I'll report as good citizien:


-before 2.02 weapons with Damage over Time effect didn't show this feature in combat tooltip, but generally works ok and have truly affected  on intended target


-in 2.02 weapon with DoT still does whats it shoud is meant to be, but in combat log appears this:


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Load the attached saved game.

Access the stash to find Tidefall, and give it to the protagonist.

Right-click Tidefall and observe its description says it applies 25% of damage over time.

Back to the game, select the protagonist and have her attack a party member of your choice.

Observe the combat log says the protagonist affected that party member with *EffectError*.


(The ability works, so apparently it's a matter of making it lookup the correct string in the dialog file.)

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