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Gameplay Issue/Feature Request: Make the game harder!



Near the end of the White March, some of the fights got a bit more challenging (mainly all the paralyze and stun effects being tossed around), and a few of the fights elsewhere were a bit challenging (mainly the ones with the Lagofeth Broodmothers), and of course the dragon was a bit challenging, but all in all, I was a bit disappointed in the ease of the expansion. (I was level 11-14 and using the "high level" version of the white marches.)


It's kind of a continuing trend from the main game. I think the game just really lacks a good difficulty curve after about level 8 or so (probably no coincidence after you start getting per-encounter spells for your casters). The Bestiary seems to confirm this - the vast, vast majority of enemies cluster around the lower to mid levels. Enemies at level 9 and higher are extremely rare. It's just disappointing to be getting all these high-level goodies and hardly ever being in a fight that warrants their use.


I mean, maybe I'm just super good at the game (I doubt it), but for the most part Path of the Damned difficulty seems to just to be on par with what we were playing with back in the days of BG2 and IWD2, and even then I feel like everyone's initial encounters with Drow, Mind Flayers, and Liches were still harder than any vanilla fight in Path of the Damned Pillars.


Ironically, I would say the most "interesting" fights happened by accident - back when the enemies in Galvino's workshop kept getting stronger upon each save/reload. After a few save/reloads, all the enemies were tough enough that I had to approach each fight eyes open and I was using everything at my disposal and the 2 camping supply limit actually felt like a constraint.


i guess i could start playing with fewer than 6 characters as a handicap, but it would be nice if the base experience were a bit more challenging (or a IWD/IWD2-style "heart of fury" mode existed).

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I never understand why games have such small limits on difficulty. If someone wants an extreme challenge and reload all the time, or think and plan ahead, or play in constant fear... Then let them have this possibility. This also adds alot of replayability to any game


The developers should have added an additional 1-2 difficulty levels which would make it really, really hard, even impossible. As long as the player has a choice, hell, why not add 100 more difficulty levels? or do the game developers seriously underestimate player's potential?

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