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I'm a Level 2 Evoker?


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I don't know if Obsidian ever did an official list but...


From my very own few-hour experience on these board I know the following thus far:


0th Title: Nub (0+ posts)


1st Title: Prestidigitator (5+ posts)


I have surveyed the boards for more information and this is what I came up with based on the postcounts of other members:


2nd Title: Evoker (50+ posts)

3rd Title: Conjurer (100+ posts)

4th Title: Theurgist (200+ posts)

5th Title: Thaumaturgist (400+ posts)

6th Title: Magician (600+ posts)

7th Title: Enchanter (800+ posts)

8th Title: Warlock (1,000+ posts)

9th Title: Sorcerer (1,200+ posts)

10th Title: Necromancer (1,400+ posts)

11th Title: Wizard (1,600+ posts)

12th Title: Mage (1,800+ posts)


Final Title: Arch-Mage (2,000+ posts)


Arch-Mage seems to be the final title (excluding Developers, Moderators, VIPs and perhaps Custom Titles).

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