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How does Consecrated Ground spell for priest work?

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How does  Consecrated Ground spell for priest work?


Description says:

AoE Duration: 20 sec

Effects: Friendly Aoe  +9.3 Endurance over 1 sec


Do I understand correct :every one sec I'll restore 9.3 endurance,so 20x 9.3?183 points over 20 sec?


So if I'll get bonus from int my stats gonne change for example: AoE Duration 27 sec +12 endurance over 1.4 sec. So in this case int stat have also negative influence on time factor over sec 1-change into 1.4, but overall  27/1.4 x 12=231 points of endurance.


Afterall it's good buff and change. Just wanne make sure if I understand this spell correct.



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