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Secret Durgan iron ignot in mine cart not showing.



So in the lvl 2 of Durgan's Battery at the bottom left room there are 8 hidden durgan steel ignots hidden in the mining cart. My rogue has 14 mechanics, so it should be showing. And i know i already did not loot the secret already because it shows up in my game that nothing is there. However i know for a fact that there is a secret there because i just watched a guy in a video loot the hidden Ignots.

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For me it is Owyna hidden ingot which are not showing, I have 13 Mechanic, and I know the location in The Iron Flail, but no way, I can't detect the hidden bag in the stump...

is something required for those ingot to be here ? (I awakened Owyna in WM1)..

Pillars of Eternity PS4 - RPG fan - Native language French, so please forgive my poor English speaking ...

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