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Characters walking extremely slow (Normal Speed Mode)



when selecting the entire party my characters move extremely slowly


when i select them one by one they all walk in normal speed except for my main character?


they dont seem to have any debuff, its the same even when they are naked, also i dont have slow-mode activated


can anyone shed some light on this issue?

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Do your stats look messed up as well?


I've had that once or twice after combat and couldn't quite put my finger on the cause. I merely loaded a previous save and went through combat again; the issue didn't happen the second time and I moved on.


If you have a saved game exhibiting the issue, could you upload it to dropbox with your output.log file and link it here? Would be really helpful for the dev team to understand what causes the issue.

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Hello Katayoku,


I loaded your file and I didnt have any issues of you characters being slow. Try verifying your game cache through steam and see if that clears it up. In your steam library, right-click Pillars of Eternity > Properties > Local File > Verify Integrity of Game Cache. 


Thank you for your support. 

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