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All class talents and infinite skill point bug





I just rolled a new rogue, upon gaining my first level, I quick-saved and clicked on the plus button to level up.  I maxed out stealth (to 5) and went to pick a talent.  Instead of talents from just the Rogue class, I noticed I could choose talents from all of the classes.  I though that was weird, so I quick loaded to see if it would happen again.  Upon quick loading I noticed my stealth was now already at 5 and I still had six new points to work with.  I can do this over and over (add six skill points, click next, hit f8 to quick load, click the plus sign to level up, the skill points that I used before have stayed).  


Unfortunately, I'm confused as to how I get my save games to you.  I tried attaching one to this post, but it says I don't have permission to upload that kind of file.  If someone could give me a detailed description on how to get save games to you, it would be appreciated.  It let me upload the log at least.  Thanks.




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Hello Stepout,


I have confirmed your bug and added it to our database. Thanks for finding this exploit. 


As for gaining access to all the class talents, those are multi-class talents, any class can gain a lesser version of another classes talent. 


Keep up the good work!



Same here.

Use dropbox to upload save file, then make a link to it and post link here.


I'll take a look at this right now.

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