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Healing abilities with no level scaling

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I thought I'd list which healing abilities scale with character level and which don't, as well as my thoughts on them, balance-wise. Let me know if I'm missing any.




Holy Radiance: Starts at a base endurance value of 10, and improves by 5 every 3 levels, to a maximum of 30 at levels 13/14. In addition, damage to vessels scales with level, starting at 30, and ending at 70. (In my opinion this scales fairly well, especially the damage component. If the priest is a player character it improves even further based on Disposition).


Spells: The healing values for priest spells do not appear to scale with level. (This is fine, in my opinion, because as the priest goes up in level they get access to more powerful spells).


Acolyte's Radiance (multiclass talent): Has no scaling: it has a base heal of 10, and stays that way regardless of level. Oddly enough the damage to vessels does scale, going from 20 base to 44 base. (In order for this talent to be usable late game, the healing should scale at least a little. Maybe +3 base endurance every 3 levels)




Lay on Hands: Starts at 53.3, and adds 18.7 every 3 levels, to a maximum of 128 base healing at level 13/14. (Scaling is good, even if the numbers are a bit unusual.)


Greater Lay on Hands: Improves the healing of Lay on Hands by 50% (Pretty good. Since it's percentage based it stays relevant late game)


Reviving Exhortation: No scaling. Base healing value is 300, base damage value is 50. (300 is a bit of an odd number. For the majority of the game, that means full hp. Regardless, it's high enough to remain relevant late game)


Healing Chain: No scaling. Base healing value is 50. (You get it late game enough that the lack of scaling isn't currently an issue)




Savage Defiance: No scaling; has a base value of 120. (The healing is extremely potent early on, but starts to fall off at levels 13/14. My recommendation would be a base value of 80, which improves by 30 every 3 levels. That would put its maximum healing at 200)




Constant Recovery: No scaling, heals 3 endurance every 3 seconds. (Really needs some form of scaling, as it becomes marginal at higher levels. I'd improve the healing by 1 every 3 levels, which would put the maximum at 7 endurance every 3 seconds).


Rapid Recovery: Improves Constant recovery by 1 endurance every 3 seconds. (Awful. Needs some form of scaling. Maybe just improve the effect by 50% similar to Greater Lay on Hands).


Veteran's Recovery (multiclass talent): No scaling. Heals 1.5 endurance every 3 seconds. (Really bad talent due to lack of scaling. Should scale at half the rate I mentioned for Constant Recovery)




Spells: No scaling (this is fine, because druids get more powerful spells as they level).




Ancient Memory: No scaling. Restores .8 endurance every second to allies near the chanter. (See Constant Recovery. Healing is way too low for serious consideration late game.)


Beloved Spirits: Improves Ancient Memory by .4 endurance, no scaling. Doesn't appear to actually work currently. (The base value on Ancient Memory is too low for even a 50% increase to be worthwhile).

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