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Bug: druid spell: Returning Storm



Description: The lvl 3 druid spell Returning Storm does not begin casting. NPC druid (Hiravias) simply begins idling when assigned to cast this spell.


Steps to Recreate: Enter combat, select a Druid with access to lvl 3 spells, cast Returning Storm

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This happens to me too. It also affects level 5's relentless storm. If paused, the storm casting icon appears above Hiravias's head, but is immediately replaced by idle ("...") after unpause. No records of casting show up in the combat log. All other druid spells seem to cast fine.

Game is at the latest version. I do have iemod installed, and changed Hiravias's attributes. 

Link to affected save here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tczdas1zkn76hzu/1e3f346674f44e10a821f70c2227ad5f%2015862799%20CrgholdtBluffs.savegame?dl=0

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