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Patch 2.0.1 getting no or extremely slow xp.....



   I was wondering why my party aint leveled in awhile and here im not getting any xp or if i do get lucky and get some its just a little.

Im currently in the ruins beneath dryford villade...right underneath the broken tower.



  Ok i did a bit of research and i wanna say im in Dryford Ruins fighting Skaen Cultists, Sentries,etc and im getting no Xp at all and when i do kill 1 my Bestiary aint recording it at all....ive killed quite a few and aint got 1 entry...im level 5 playing on easy.

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Those Skaen cultists you're killing are human beings, they have rights mind you, and one of them is to not be in a bestiary.


More seriously, RPG usually wont have bestiary entries on "intelligent races", since they can be of any class, any level, with different items, so they're stats are supposed to vary a lot. And since they're not in the bestiary, you won't get any xp for killing them in PoE. Ever. It's not a bug.

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