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Is Alpine dragon THE dragon in The White March?

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Yeah, I'd say it's "The dragon" alright. It's the hardest fight in the game, in my opinion, and by far.


In Path of the Damned, it's much harder than the Adra dragon, or at least it was for me. The dragon has even higher defenses, and his helpers are so much more powerful (they're not xaurip trash). Specters spawn behind you (if you were standing in front of the doorway), and if you're not careful they can tear your party to bits. You get hit by lots of stun and blindness. Locking down the dragon isn't nearly so easy as the Adra dragon, where you can just spam Miasma until it hits and then dominate it, since you don't have time to spam anything.


In particular, the first 20 or so seconds are extremely important, as you can easily get overrun by the specters.

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