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What Is This Number On My Character Portrait?

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Hi all, I apologize if this has been asked before, but I read through the manual, and have spent hours searching the internets, but to no avail.


I finally broke down and bought Pillars from Gog a few days ago when it was on sale. I have noticed that every character I create has a little number 0 down in the right hand corner of their portrait in the UI. I cannot figure out what it means. It is obviously not the Health/Endurance numbers. It is not a buff, since those show up beside the portrait, and don't come in numbers. I don't think it is a keyboard shortcut to select the character, since pressing 0 on the keyboard does seem to do that. If I move the portrait around the same number stays. And if I have companions (so far only Calisca and Heodan, and neither of them have these numbers in their portraits.


Here is an example. I circled the 0 in red so it is easy to see


Does anyone know what this is? I am sure it is insignificant, but it is driving me crazy! :aiee:

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