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Soulbound weapon glitch?



Howdy pals.


I'm trying to level The Greenstone Staff and Stormcaller, and am on tier 2 of both items. Stormcaller wants me to kill kith Druids, and I have killed 2 but it is not registering on my inspect sheet.  The same goes with Greenstone Staff and Blights.  I assume by the text, that it wants to make sure I have "final hit", so I made sure to exclusively auto attack with both items with only the characters who have the items equipped, yet it is still not registering.


Is it a bug where it's merely not displaying it?  Maybe I'm just misunderstanding?


Also, while in druid I made sure I was in human form.  If it's a display bug only, will I get credit while shapeshifted?


Edit - Also, I got both sets of kills while working on a bounty in the falls.  Some Torn Flame mobs maybe?  Could it be related to them being a bounty spawn instead of in world?



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