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inspect items on a 1 click mac?

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Should I be seeing more inventory detail when ctrl + clicking on an item using my mac?


Hi I am in the opening part of the game and have looked at my first inventory item.  It gives me some stats but also says right click for more details.  Usually on mac (track pad) cntrl + click is the same as a right click if I was using a 2 button supported mouse.  I am uncertain if there just are actually no details or if there are and I would benefit from using a 2 button mouse.  Just cntrl + click is not giving any new info.

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No clue.

Maybe try rooting through the "Controls" tab in Options?

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Hi thank you for responding.  I just tried the controls listing and didn't see a control.


I am not even sure if there is a possibility of more info.  I mean maybe just a war bow or 1st map potion has no stats.  So I cannot confirm that right clicking does in fact give more information about the item.  For example I had hoped that right clicking (ctrl + click for me) would tell me more numbers for how strong a potion was.

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Guest Matt Sheets

Open Inventory.


Select the Inspect Button next to the Close button on the top right of the Inventory UI.


You can now click on an item to bring up the inspect window.

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