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Going to PAX Prime next week? Come check out Pathfinder!

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Hey, everyone!


If you're going to be at PAX Prime next weekend, be sure to come by the Paizo booth where you can play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! That's right! Come hand out with Nathan and Andre and play the game while I hang out being all social media-y (like I do and that is now a term).




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and if you get tired of looking at GIFs, there's always Armello and Chasm, and all sorts of other great stuff that actually gets released, and provides useful/interesting content updates.  For an example of what this forum *should* look like:  James Daily Devlog on Chasm (Discord Games)




but yeah, you know...GIFs are professional too...and make me want to buy stuff... :no:



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Well, it's done when it's done. I bet, that I want to play it as much as you, but storming their forums will not make the game release sooner :rolleyes:


I rather wait one more year for bug free release, than to play bug infested rushed game, which would deeply harm my enjoyment of the final product.


As I know Obs for a long time, it will be neither of the two cases :p But I hope they will lean more toward the bug free one :p

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Pathfinder – Obsidian

While I am a longtime fan of tabletop RPGs, I must admit to not really being a fan of card games. So when I went to visit Obsidian’s Pathfinder, based of the very popularPathfinder Adventure Card Game, I wasn’t going in with high expectations. I was pleased, however, to find that I did not come prepared to give this iteration ofPathfinder a fair shake. In development for iOS and Android, it is a single-player action card game placing you in charge of a group of heroes who are tasked to track down a villain, encountering monsters, traps, magic weapons and others in the form of cards. This title actually surprised me with how fun a genre that I don’t normally enjoy could be, having enough complexity to be engaging without being overwhelming, and actually ended up being one the most enjoyable titles I got to see today.

The game certainly has a learning curve, even if you’re already familiar withPathfinder rules, but what starts out as feeling overwhelmingly complex rather quickly became challenging but intuitive. Certainly thanks to the knowledgeable guidance I received during the demonstration I was able to navigate the game’s options without confusion or consternation, and after half a game I started to feel like I could navigate the game on my own. The demo I played had two playable characters whom you control in tandem, both of whom felt like they played differently, challenging me to adapt new strategies for the same challenges. I can’t comment on how closely it mirrors the tabletop card game, but to my surprise, this is a title I am looking forward to hearing more on as they draw close to an expected fall release date.

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The Gifs mean they aren't wasting time replying and instead are making a top notch A+ game so I don't mind.

Also, I am in no way pandering for some beta access. 

right.  a few pics maybe once or twice month, or a one-line response on features / price point / etc. is a terrible waste, especially when it keeps people interested in their product.




wonder how Galak-Z is coming along.

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