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strange bug with quest update




I left the skaen temple through Trygils shop (killing them both). Then I talked to Hendyna to give her the dragen egg. A scroll appeared at the top of the screen to show the quest update. At the same time I saw that there are 2 new stronghold updates (green glowing icon at the lower screen). I pressed on the stronghold button ( while the scroll showed the quest update) and saw that I earned money and got a quest. When I left the stronghold menu the scroll (as it is in the picture) remained permanently on the screen.


The strange thing is that I cannot reproduce the bug.

When I load the game, the scroll is gone.

If I load the autosave and finish the egg quest, I do not get a stronghold update (no money and no quest)

You can see in the save that I do have a stronghold quest after finishing the egg quest.


autosave when entering town



save after finishing the egg quest





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