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MAJOR PROBLEM - Graphical resolution



Hello everyone,

I'm a Mac user, I've installed OS X 10.10.4 on my Retina MacBookPro 15".

Recently I bought Pillars of Eternity from the Appstore and it was amazing! Great play. But...


Almost one week ago i had the awful idea to update my Pillars of Eternity. In fact Obsidian released this update on the App Store.
After this update the maximum graphical resolution i can choose in game play is something awful. Totally unacceptable... (1440x900).

Before the update I was able to play to my full resolution (2880x1800)...

Can you understand the frustration to have it diminished like this? Now it is impossible to me to play again...

Can you please do something...?

Please let me know.


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Hi there,


In the future please use the search function of the forums as many questions you will ask have already been answered. But I will put it here again as you are new.


The resolution fix we implemented is a fix for you to at least be able to play our game on your system without crashing. This bug is a Unity Engine related issue and has been seen in other Unity titles such as Wasteland 2, etc. Until the time that Unity fixes the Retina resolution issues on their end, the current fix we have implemented will not change. We believe the lowered resolution cap is perfectly playable, but if you wish, other users here have posted a 1080p work around that you can use. Be aware that using this work around can cause crashes and the resolution is capped to 1440x900 for a reason.


Thanks for your support.
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- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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